The Handbook contains detailed course information designed for enrolled students, including course plans, intensive schools, and work placement requirements. Intro We know that a vital part of online study is your engagement with the learning community. For further information about UNE's teaching periods, please go to Principal Dates. See UNE Handbook for more details. Uniquely, our online students are mostly over 30 and bring valuable experience with them. demonstrate advanced theoretical and empirical knowledge of the core topics of psychology, including: biological bases of behaviour, cognition, information processing and language, individual differences, testing and assessment, learning, lifespan development, perception, social psychology, and the history and philosophy of psychology; describe, apply and evaluate the different research methods used by psychologists and demonstrate practical skills in psychological research design, data analysis, and report writing using American Psychological Association (APA) structure and formatting conventions; critically evaluate psychological literature, question claims that arise from untested assumptions, and recognise the link between theory and practical application of that theory in the world; demonstrate effective oral or written communication skills in various formats (eg debate, group discussion, presentation) to share or impart psychological knowledge; observe the principles of ethical behaviour in research and professional practice in accordance with the Australian Psychological Society's Code and Guidelines, as well as the Australian 'National Practice Standards for the Mental Health Workforce'; and. The Graduate Diploma of Psychology is ideal for school teachers wishing to pursue a career in school counselling. This postgraduate distance learning degree will equip you with an excellent level of knowledge and understanding of a broad range of topics in Occupational Psychology, including an... Our Cognitive Behavioural Therapy PGDip produces psychological therapists who are competent in the practice of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for patients affected by psychological disorders. Provide students with basic knowledge and skills that are the foundation of applied psychology 2. The course coordinator may approve a maximum of 30 credit points for psychology units including those undertaken as part of a previously awarded qualification used for Admission to the Graduate Diploma. This course is aimed at experienced mental health professionals with experience of working in an IAPT service who wish to become accredited cognitive behavioural psychotherapists. Don’t hesitate to contact us, our Future Student team is standing by to help. Course Overview They will understand and be open-minded about social, cultural, and linguistic diversity in Australia and the world, and appreciate their ethical responsibilities towards colleagues, research subjects, the wider community, and the environment. The issue of ethics is explicitly integrated during data collection and a range of other activities within psychology units. For courses that require less than 48 credit points the fees indicated are based on the total credit points required for completion of that course. A Graduate Diploma in Psychology is a course suited for people who have completed a bachelor's degree in any discipline. This course is ideal if you... Overview UNE’s Graduate Diploma in Psychology provides you with in-depth knowledge of human behaviour and gives you the foundation required to continue to fourth-year studies in psychology and beyond — … Upon attaining the Graduate Diploma, you are eligible to apply for entry into an accredited Masters in Psychology Degree programme from Murdoch University, Australia*. The Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced) is identical in content and assessment to the Psychology Honours program (via the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of … Students who achieve the required grades will be eligible to apply for entry into fourth year programs in psychology. A number of psychology units include data collection in order to address an issue in the literature. This knowledge will be taught in lectures, unit materials, and online activities, and will be assessed throughout the course with a range of different activities. We pioneered distance education for working adults back in the 1950s, so we’ve been doing this longer than any other Australian university. Graduates will be taught to understand and practise the highest standards of ethical behaviour associated with the discipline. A fourth year in psychology is a necessary step if you wish to undertake further training towards working as a psychologist or undertake further (research) study in psychology, including the Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy.Â, Register your interest and we'll keep you updated. Candidates must possess a conferred three-year undergraduate or higher level degree. Some of the wide-ranging career pathways that you could consider include: Â, UNE’s Graduate Diploma in Psychology provides you with an undergraduate psychology sequence, accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).  Â, After successfully completing the course, you may be eligible to apply for entry to an APAC accredited fourth-year program in psychology such as the Bachelor of Psychology with Honours at UNE, or at any university across Australia. The Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) aims to: 1. The Graduate Diploma in Psychology provides students who have already been awarded a bachelor degree with the opportunity to gain an accredited Psychology sequence (the equivalent of an UG … Your start date is based on the study period you choose to apply for. The Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Bridging) is a building block for further studies where graduates can pursue careers in the professional practice of psychology, including clinical, organisational or forensic psychology, counselling, clinical neuropsychology, health and community psychology… The University of Newcastle’s Graduate Diploma in Psychology is designed for those interested in expanding their knowledge in or pursuing a career in psychology. There are UNE scholarships for students: UNE scholarship applications are free and confidential. Graduate Diploma in Psychology students undertake most of the same subjects and attend most of the same classes as students completing the accredited undergraduate major in Psychology, … Get recognition for study already completed. At UNE, our psychology students bring with them a wide range of experience. 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Communication with your classmates, teaching staff and university support staff will enhance your study experience and ensure that your skills extend beyond the subject matter. The Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) consists of two components: coursework and a thesis. demonstrate cognitive, technical and communication skills for independent learning to sustain life-long personal and professional development in the changing world of the science and practice of psychology. * 24/7 tutor support includes: essay feedback (within 24 hours); live chat 24/7 for generic feedback on academic writing; and subject-specific help at a foundation or first-year level for subjects including mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, business, accounting, microeconomics, macroeconomics and statistics. Graduate Diploma in Psychology In this programme, you will learn about the major fields of Psychology at advanced levels. People with long-term physical health conditions or medically unexplained symptoms frequently develop mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. Graduate Diploma in School Psychology Become a school psychologist with the Graduate Diploma in School Psychology. For admission to this course: (a) You must hold a Bachelor degree from any discipline; (b) You must not have previously completed a major in Psychology; and (c) You must have successfully completed Psychology 1001 (PSYC1001) and Psychology … Develop the skills you need to pivot in your career with UNE’s Graduate Diploma in Psychology. Our course is ideal for people who have completed a degree in any discipline who are interested in a career in professional psychology, but who do not have an accredited undergraduate psychology major. Designed as a bridging course to fourth-year psychology programs and beyond, you can gain the knowledge you need to start on the pathway to a career in psychology today. For more information, please see. At UNE we know it takes more than just being online to be a great online university. It complements established careers in a variety of industries, giving graduates of the online Graduate Diploma in Psychology … Many of our students choose to take advantage of the on-campus lifestyle in Armidale, in the beautiful New England region, with access to unparalleled support, accommodation and sporting facilities. Enhance students’ ability to understand, evaluate, use, and conduct research. This skill empowers graduates to continue accessing new information as required. These students are often starting their first degree and have left school recently. This course would be appropriate for those interested in the treatment of mental health... OVERVIEW There are also a wide range of workshops, resources and courses available in academic skills support to assist you and help you to succeed. 2021 applications are now open. Interested in the practice and theory of behaviour therapy? With excellent support from our experienced academic staff, our Graduate Diploma in Psychology can be completed wholly online. You will develop an understanding of the core aspects of the social and biological processes, human development, statistics, psychological assessment, psychological disorders and cognition. Graduates will have well developed communication skills which are taught, assessed, and practised through written assignments and face-to-face (or online equivalent) tutorial and laboratory sessions that are required in all psychology units. Students awarded UNE's psychology postgraduate courses 5-star ratings for Learning Resources, Student Support, Teaching Quality, Overall Experience and Graduate Salary in the 2021 Good Universities Guide. To learn more about our cookies and how to manage them, please visit our cookie policy. three continuous trimesters), you must commence in Trimester 3. The application process only takes 20 minutes to complete. Prior learning must be less than 10 calendar years old to be eligible for advanced standing. The course also gives you the opportunity to: After completing your Graduate Diploma in Psychology, you can pursue further study and progress towards a career as a registered professional psychologist. With our APAC-accredited course, you will be eligible to apply for fourth-year programs at UNE or elsewhere in Australia.