They wouldn’t do anything to help me out. Raise it up for climbs or pedalling sections. We reserve the right to repair defective frames or parts or to replace them with the corresponding updated model. Brought from local bike shop. Apparently they are all out of 2017 models and 2018 production hasn’t started yet!! Ho hum! Why this works: A dropper post is basically a cylinder sliding inside another cylinder. Alloy #7075-T651 Control lever up & down 0 mm. Took old seat post out, removed seat and fitted seat onto new seatpost. For all frames and rigid forks from model year 2012 we guarantee from the date of sale from the dealer: Aluminium 6 Years GuaranteeCarbon, Alu-Carbon 3 Years Guarantee. mtb / cross and fitness bikes /trekking and city bike/ road bike. For this video we’re upgrading to a remote from Wolftooth to go with a Thomson Covert Stealth dropper post.. I thought this was following yesterday’s thread about the Cube in the alps, and was going to be along the lines of “I was just riding along when I snapped my bars and folded the top tube”. the folk at oneway bike speak better english than most folk on this forum. Please use the English version in advance. Don’t get the feeling at all that they care about their customer! Stereo 170 SL 29 ride impressions Wherever we rode the Stereo it proved to be a lively, fun and capable machine, I … After months of having the Flowtron on my bike, it has yet to develop any problems, even after getting caught by rain halfway into rides that left mud and grit sprinkled around the dropper post seals. In addition, we provide our customers with the following warranty in the event of frame breakage outside the statutory warranty period as follows: For all frames and rigid forks from model years 2011 and older we guarantee from the date of sale from the dealer: Aluminium 5 Years GuaranteeTitanium 5 Years GuaranteeCarbon, Alu-Carbon 2 Years Guarantee. trekkingbike y cityrad, bicicleta de carretera. I really like their bikes, but it’s kind of a mine-field trying to find the correct kickstand for your bike. Out of action for first month as dropper post very defective. DROPPER POST DROPPER POST DROPPER POST DROPPER POST DROPPER POST DROPPER POST DROPPER POST DROPPER POST DROPPER POST DROPPER POST DROPPER POST DROPPER POST DROPPER POST DROPPER POST JD-YSP07 ISO MTB / Pat. Long story short. The Cube Internal dropper post offers 100mm of travel, which makes it best suited to marathon riders who require a touch more confidence on singletrack and gravel road descents. Shop (Dales) are awesome, take bike away and gimme a loaner while Cube sort it out. 30.9/ 31.6 mm. Problem solved on both bikes. Half my family are Dutch and they teach me grammar! Why not just get Dales to replace the sheared bolt, ten minute job surely 😀. When we get ready both our dropper post will not stay down, nor can the hold the weight of us sitting om them. It happens but you’ve got a loan bike so not a complete disaster is it? FREE Shipping by Amazon. So, I'm wondering if something like this or this would do the job. We therefore request that the customer be fully aware of this stipulation on conclusion of the sales contract in order to avoid possible misunderstandings at a later date. I bought what turned out to be a ‘grey market’ AMS 130 SLT it turned out the although the name wasn’t snappy the rear triangle was. Or would that be too difficult? And Cube dropper post has sinking feeling. If it’s lost the courier or bike shop should cover it under their insurance. A new bike will undoubtedly come, but when!! Privacy Live chat Our Services. At 74.8°, the seat tube angle is somewhat slacker than the competition. The warranty period lasts 24 months from the date of sale of the eBike to the end consumer, but no later than 6 months after delivery of the Bosch components to the bike manufacturer. Why didn’t Dales just send it to them right away? Any warranty claim relating to the Bosch motor must be processed via the Bosch service scheme. They don’t speak good English and weren’t in much of a hurry. Just like all the sensitive parts of your bike, do not pressure wash the wiper seal of your dropper post.