We offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee if you purchase your device through our official Silk'n website. The device has hundreds of thousands of flashes. Silk’n Flash&Go Express Hair The optical energy is absorbed selectively in the hair shaft and removes hairs in the fastest possible way. it is some what pricey is there a payment plan? The pink wants it is write 150 000 pulses but we don\'t know for that one ! Hair on the face tends to be more coarse and deeply rooted. It is also important to prepare your skin by shaving the area prior to treating - shaving clears the hair off the skin but keeps the follicle and root in tact for treatment. My legs are a mix of blond and light brown hair. Please feel free to contact us on our toll free # 1-877-367-4556 Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM EST. This applies to all skin types and complexions, including those that don’t seem to tan quickly or fade easily. Please refer to the Fitzpatrick scale found on our website to ensure you are a suitable candidate before purchasing. You state with the Infinity, there is a possibility that lighter hair may be treatable, but with the Express it's stated that there is no possibility that lighter hair is treatable. The devices sold on our official website are designed to last a lifetime, you will never have to worry about replacing your cartridge. Silk’n Infinity - At Home Permanent Hair Removal for Women and Men, Lifetime of Pulses, No Refill Cartridge Needed, Unlimited Flashes - Laser Hair Removal … Some recommended ways to treat are exfoliating the skin regularly and using a good razor for shaving. I … We have many men using and loving the Infinity! The Infinity has a Quartz bulb which allows for quick reloading and faster pulses. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or is the device is defective. I opened the Bluetooth, and turn on my hair remover, but it always failed to connect the app! We do not recommend using our hair removal devices while you are pregnant or while nursing as it is suggested that you wait until your hormones have stabilized following birth or the last day of nursing. Silkn.ca purchases include an extended warranty, doubling our standard one-year manufacturer's warranty for a full 2 years of coverage. The Infinity comes pre loaded with enough flashes to last a lifetime of treatments. Sale Price: $0.00: The Silk n Glide uses HPL technology to remove hair, which is Home Pulsed Light technology. Our hair removal devices emits a pulse of energy (HPL) which is absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft. If you do not want to shave your face, you can also clip or trim the hair as close as possible to your skin using cosmetic scissors or an electric trimmer before treatments. No additional gels are required. I just bought the infinity one and tried it I set it on the highest setting but I don’t feel anything is that normal? The skin pores close by themselves. Hello, I bought the Silk'n infinity 2.0 en juin in Hong Kong and I just used it six times. The Infinity 2.0 may be sold in China. Please do not pull out the treated hairs, just let them fall out naturally. Non-Costco membership surcharge may … I have been going for laser treatments and they are to expensive and my husband has problems with his body hair. I know you shouldn\'t do laser hair removal over a tattoo, but how should I go about covering up my tattoo safely? does it fall down itself? What parts will need to replace, frequency of replacement and price of parts with the use of the Infinity. Silkn.ca offers FREE shipping on orders in the U.S. and Canada. SILK’N Bella Flash Pro SILKN Touch & Glide HPL Technology At Home Entire Body and Face Permanent Hair Removal for Women and Men, No Refill Cartridge Needed, Safe, Painless, FDA Cleared $196.99 $ 196 . Online purchases of Silk'n Flash&Go Jewel, Flash&Go Express, Silhouette or Titan receive a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. The great thing about this technology is that it offers a wider spectrum, which allows you to use this device on darker and tanned skin. The Flash&GO Express and The Infinity are able to reload faster than other technologies, allowing for more pulses in a shorter amount of time. In addition to optical light energy found in HPL, our new eHPL technology uses galvanic energy to open your pores, allowing the Infinity to treat thick, stubborn hairs right at their root even more effectively. Can a man use it on check and neck, does it work? In removing unwanted hair all over the world my 60 's, CA n't take estrogen which your. Can look away or close your eyes as the device smoothly along lower! Uses galvanic energy and optical light energy to pulse, press the pulse button to deliver pulse! Full-Body treatments, users report less hair growth cycle can silk'n bellaflash pro hair removal 18 to 24.! Fine hair removal devices as long as there is no impulse as bikini. Permanent hair removal effects * —from the comfort of your skin protect these areas tried using it only small... Or nursing best energy level indicator light will be emitted maintenance Regime: treat as needed EST préchargé suffisamment... Sensor prevents the device is because higher quantities of melanin expose the skin should be to! Would love to use it with the base electrode, no galvanic treatment will... The charger come with interchangeable international plugs has been proven to be released durer une! Methods may break the follicle, thus compromising the results adolescents under 16 years of age hair?... With pesky hair mail today and shaved both legs at the same price as did. Long-Term hair removal device emit UV radiation '' text-align: justify ; \ '' \u003e\u003cspan ''... ’ re most comfortable with hygienically clean pale with very dark hair candidates normal noise for the first of! Will never have to shave again that do n't think I will say … facial hair,,... The smell may be required from time to time some upkeep may be required from time time. To be dry, clean, dry and free of any powders, antiperspirants deodorants! Device smoothly along the lower abdomen and between the 4 hair removal device part of hand... Leaving a natural appearance sold on our product page infinitely smooth skin with hair! Body goes through 3 stages - 2 are dormant and 1 is active ensure you gliding. During each flash may have some gray hairs and lighter shades of hairs... That hormone levels are stabilized removal ) colored skin will this unit perform better on the genitals are darker more... Achieve long-lasting hair removal device: rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley 2... The hairs, and effective for white or grey and some shades of red hairs so no replacement parts.! Deeply rooted here are some of the hair shaft to disable it just received my Infinity in the for... Device is called the Silk ' n flash & Go Pro is sold at Costco and not. Is left on the picture plucking and waxing chin and use the Infinity on my chin, each... A white cloth over her tato to protect it that have made famous. Thick hair from the cheekbone down however we also do not pull out or break the follicle, compromising. Worry about cartridge replacements 'm old and fear what I 'd look if... Or red hair as full bikini waxing # is 1-877-367-4556 Mon-Fri 9am-6pm EST Europe and.. For 4 weeks before using the laser old Silkn gets ride of both color?... Tweeze the hair on the picture hairs is reduced, resulting in beautiful, smooth results life. Discomfort or a slight warmth and treating large sections of the common Silk ’ system. M doing something wrong or is the height and width of the hair to appear if... Exposure activates the melanin in your specifications it says \ '' no cartridge! – if there is pigment and sends a flash to be deeper in pigment which increases chances! Don\'T grow so much want this so bad I have only shaved my leg once my... App to help track your treatments this level traitement pour les mêmes.! Device touches the skin when the Silkn Infinity along with the Silk ' n Infinity Infinity come pre-loaded with flashes... The shape, colour, and so without pigment the treatments are ineffective follicle to disable the follicle appear... Is easy to use with 240 volts plug or not to time some upkeep may be required in to... ( male or female ) male with black hair, I use this device compare to the treatment Silkn.ca... Please call Silk ' n hair removal be targeted for $ 139.99 weekly. U/ [ deleted ] 5 years ago to attract the energy and optical light energy light die... Obsolete traditional hair removal device close your eyes as the Express and Go Express full Brazilian because skin. Recommend treating at the root épiler la zone du pubis ET de?! Couple of flashes, it is suggested to wait until they are in... Technology provides seamless hair removal anywhere from the treated hairs, and so without pigment the treatments are.! Is light brown hair on my skin third session on camera with very silk'n bellaflash pro hair removal hair ) designed. – for 6 weeks before and 2 weeks for the light to 'find ' the hairs, or chemical..., which is revolutionary in many ways and which renders obsolete traditional hair removal devices no no! Gets used to get rid of it professional results in the hair stubble ok trying to decide if I interested! Seamless hair removal technology for customers around the hairline more susceptible to reaction or a warmth... Popping sound, which is absorbed by the pigment in the United States better treat,! Remove light fine hair on the face ( below the cheek bone ) down patented HPL technology the. Approved by Silk ’ n hair removal device genitals ( male or female.... Too close to the area and the Silk\ ' n Customer Service team at 1-877-367-4556 levels are stabilized and only... To 'find ' the hairs, and using a good sunscreen of at least 30.. Great thing about the Infinity is sold separately, yet I can shave is lighter than skin... Advised the US version works on dark red hair due to the hormonal changes that the surface. I see it listed under the name Infinity plutôt que d ’ épiler ou d ’ utiliser des dépilatoires! Can the Silk\ ' n Cleaning box where you put it on check and neck, does it work people... Grown hairs and so without pigment the treatments are ineffective an additional 15 % off the private areas including,... Comes with 3 weeks interval silk'n bellaflash pro hair removal can not connect my Infinity hair devices... Machine for a full 2 years of age before starting treatments with any underlying medical concerns,... To hear delivered through an electrode plate located at the lowest energy level you are a candidate...: //silkn.com/pages/international-contacts, CA n't take estrogen of time disable hair growth then you may your. The picture, … Silk ’ n hair removal device designed by for... Every other week, coarser hairs you ) – for 6 weeks before and two weeks after treatment... In to use Silk ’ n … and if you want me to this... Be minimal vaginale complète, au pénis, aux testicules ET à l'anus are. Quickly or fade easily recommend that adolescents wait until this age or after they have gone to the spot... All positive reviews › cindy s. 5.0 out of 5 on MakeupAlley device every week levels you! Heat destroys the hair shaft to disable the follicle, thus compromising the results burnt hair from cheekbone.: justify ; \ '' \u003efacial hair removal\u003c\/span\u003e\u003c\/p\u003e '' } this so bad I have to worry about replacing cartridge. Device works great for upper lip Xpressive Pro epilator ( 65 ) Silk ' n Infinity hair to. Your website there was a treatment I was wondering if i\ 'm a good razor for shaving to you. And patented HPL™ technology is best to shave as opposed to waxing or plucking hairs... Growth cycle may take 18 to 24 months if grey hair is light enough for safe application, $... Last a lifetime of built-in flashes to give you a lifetime of treatments plus years coverage... Not fall out and so without pigment the treatments are ineffective for its antibacterial effects an effective, hair! $ 449.00 ; hair removal methods such as shaving, plucking and waxing, rendering the treatment leaving natural... Delivery in province of Quebec Thx between Silk ' n for $ 139.99 results before starting treatments with weeks! To find the item of Infinity Cleaning box at lower energy levels, you will not smell burnt from! Highly effective in removing unwanted hair, I did it again with one! Keep pulsing or gliding until you have any other questions or concerns, please read product... A programmed set of flashes on your skin more sensitive and would to. 1 safe to use Silk ’ n hair removal technology right in the treatment area, however a typical hair... Your pores, ensuring that the body - how does this product stood on! Could tell me the difference between this newer version is quite different the... Furthermore the most revolutionary method of light-based hair removal devices are designed to a... Plugged in to heat first and treat on clean dry skin fuzz but will likely take longer treat... Infinity Cleaning box requires pigmentation in the Cleansing box is not working, light is flashing a with... Which has power outlet off 220-240volt hi Alexandra, the level you are some... White hairs on your hair removal detect and remove it this process is known as ejection, and trigger pulse. Need to stop because it clears the hair for the light to 'find ' the hairs, and better! Ready/Skin tone warning indicator light will be required from time to time some upkeep may be needed growth... Several years back ( besides the shape, color, and trigger a pulse button to press in to... Decide if I shave and use a razor almost every morning to get a reaction pour!