Low Strong - This move is pretty useful even if it doesn't do all that much damage. It has awesome range and does great tick damage. If the enemy is not in range for a single Rekka punch to reach him, you may whiff one and immediately cancel it into another Rekka punch. If there is a character not mentioned here then Fei has a pretty good chance of winning. Get a feel for your opponents and see how consistent they are at doing reversals. The options he has at this range are rather dangerous ones too because if he makes a wrong move or you anticipate his attacks you can end the match very quickly. All in all O.FeiLong's Rekka Kens are better; This page was last edited on 25 January 2021, at 21:52. That pretty much sums up my Fei Long strategy in a nutshell. This will take a different timing if a punch whiffs. ALWAYS use the Rekka Kens from MAX DISTANCE. Go for the meaty fierce and gamble they miss their reversal and they eat a huge damaging combo of your choice. I can't say that he "dominates" anyone at all. I will go into specific advantages and disadvantages of using Rekka-Kens in each match-up scenario. It's amazing how so many "great players" crumbled at the SBO qualifying tourney a few years back because of the One Character Only rule. Fierce. Cross up Forward, close standing Strong(or standing Forward), standing Jab 2 in 1 into Short flame kick. Good anti-air. I mainly use it against characters who don't have a digging uppercut type move(DP, Tiger Uppercut, etc)because they have a bit tougher time countering it once they see it coming. The closer you are to an opponent, the weaker the punch version should be used...but always try your best to stay right within the fierce rekka ken. Above all, if you are facing a really good turtle you are going to have a hard time. Meaty Double Crouching Fierce - Main One Button Linking Combo, these are very hard to counter because it can only be countered by a perfect reversal. Speed, Speed and more Speed. -Close standing fierce(Use it as early as possible. Standing fierce has crazy hit box/dizzy properties. https://streetfighter.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_moves_in_Street_Fighter_II?oldid=229838. He's a mini-me version of E.Honda only he can't "float" over fireballs and doesn’t have a flying headbutt to get your out of those tight spots. If done while holding backwards it will be almost the same but he will not move while atacking. The only time Ryu is going to get very aggressive on you is when you are knocked down or if he has you cornered in a fireball trap. It's safer. Fei Long (飛龍(フェイロン), Feiron?, Template:Zh meaning "Flying Dragon") is a fictional character in the Street Fighter series. Fei takes a quick step forward then performs a double kick, his twice. This punch has good recovery time too so use it in close quarters. Is he going to do an overhead? Use these when you are playing footsie games with Ryu. Decent priority both vertically and horizontally, mainly used to help when neutral jumping fireballs. 3. The best counter for this(if you see it coming)is a short flame kick. The tricky part is that sometimes getting in close can take a very long time. Some say this is kinda fancy but every bit of energy you can drain helps. It is an interesting attack, but since it does not lead to anything else, it does not get used much. Good ol' Hadokens in your face, stuffing you like a Thanksgiving Turkey! This is a good attack, but demands distance awareness, since Fei's whole arm is also vulnerable. Super Street Fighter 2 series Fei Long Theme (CPS-2)Composition & Arrangement: Syun Nishigaki (西垣 俊) "Syun"Stage: Hong Kong Note because of the many iterations of Street Fighter II, many new characters and special moves, as well as Super Combos. Note that the O.Fei version of this move actually behaves like a Short (i.e. - Fei Long Fei Long (フェイロン) is a character in the Street Fighter series. A lot like the neutral jump version, this has great forwards priority, and long active frames. One of Fei's best anti-airs. Strong. A little about Fei Long. E.Honda its a nightmare for rushdown characters because of his low but strong normals and specials along with holds and cross up mixups or his command throw for punish whiffs. Fei's several close-range cancelable and frame-advantage attacks are better options, most the time. Neutral Jump Light Punch Diagonal Jump Light Punch Street Fighter 4 Moves List for Unlocked Home Characters [ Update : for complete instructions for Gouken and Akuma unlocking, check out How To Unlock Gouken and Akuma ] Now that Street Fighter 4 is released, there are many regular character on the home edition to unlock and play with. Most other special moves allow you to input the button press at the same frame you input the last part of the motion. Fei long has the same weakness that E.Honda has had in the past versions of SF2.....Fireball traps. You have to play on the fly, reacting to every single thing your opponent does. Fei's crossup, and a pretty good one at that, can lead into combos. If you connect with a rekka kick(chicken wing)you can juggle your opponents for additional damage if timed correctly. Jesse Howard was the first person to actually take Fei to a national finals tournament at the Mid-West Championships back in the early-mid 90’s VS Mike Watson. This is one of my favorite fights. This move is ok to do as a meaty to start mixups vs characters that cannot reverse it. Since it has such odd hit box and priorities it can save your life. If they don’t then I know they don’t take chances and prefer to turtle. Since Fei Long's flame kick isn't 100% invincible you have to sorta be careful on when you use it. Note because of the many iterations of Street Fighter II, many new characters and special moves, as well as Super Combos.