Chiaki was Nagito's classmate prior to the Tragedy. He is often quite nervous due to his inexperience in many social situations, for example, sitting and talking in the park with someone. . ", "I just want to see the moment you all shine as symbols of hope. He also appears genuinely happy for the two while silently watching them from the side. I like you. The Servant's main goal is to help to create a happy, hopeful world, but one born from absolute despair, going so far as to assist his own enemy and start a war for the sake of this goal. ", "That's right... People who are not needed in this scene should go and make their exit. The actor is expected to leave the stage during the finale. ", "If I'm able to wipe out all the despair on, "You guys are really disappointing... How long are you going to continue behaving so shortsightedly? You gotta look at the big picture, you know...", "It's fine if you don't understand... You can just see the end without knowing. Kazuichi dislikes Nagito because of this, though the other boy is seemingly oblivious about it. Romaji Furthermore, he wasn't going to be named "Servant", but this was decided for the promo announcement. ", "A-Amazing... A heart that refuses to give up until the very end... That must be hope...", "Everyone is a symbol of hope. Nagito Komaeda • Kazuichi Sōda • Fuyuhiko Kuzuryū • World Destroyer • Peko Pekoyama • Sonia Nevermind • Mikan Tsumiki, Hajime Hinata • Hiyoko Saionji • Makoto Naegi • Sayaka Maizono • Chisa Yukizome • Ruruka Ando • Seiko Kimura • Sonosuke Izayoi • Ibuki Mioda • Ryota Mitarai • Super High School Level Imposter • Nekomaru Nidai • Ibuki Mioda • Mahiru Koizumi • Gundham Tanaka • Teruteru Hanamura • Akane Owari. Nagito thanked her for the laxative, which made Seiko very happy. In turn, Hajime answers that Nagito reminds him of "the rice of a new crop" (referring to rice freshly harvested during the fall season) because of Nagito's hair's color. I'm Nagito Komaeda, the SHSL Good Luck, hope to be good friends! Whether or not you save them is up to you. Once Chiaki reaches the "goal" in her execution, she opens the door. Chest Size Both Toko and Genocide Jack find the Servant an attractive looking "pretty boy", but really dislike his personality. A character in danganronpa 2 who seems perfect when you first meet him but during the first trial he turns crazy and tries to ruin everything...even in a lot of the trials he keeps on saying 'I could've … He then corrects himself by stating that the one he should really blame is Toko and he asks why didn't she follow their plan. This happens off-screen and is only mentioned in the art book. In the end, hope always wins! Unperturbed by the giant dog, Nagito decided to carry on with his plan and use the bomb switch, but then realized that he also has the wrong bag. Jeez, get it together... You're supposed to be the "Symbols of Hope", aren't you? Unintentionally, Nagito causes Seiko to be expelled from Hope's Peak Academy. Hajime smiles brightly and runs over to him, and the two of them eat side by side. Thank you! Male In China, 8 is a very lucky number because it is pronounced similarly to the word "fortune" (ba or fa). He also mentions that he'll keep an eye on Teruteru because of this. Chapter 2 - Sea and Punishment, Sin and Coconuts. Hajime helped him up in the way that resembles their first meeting inside the program. He displays some affection towards his fellow students when introducing them to Hajime. He calls himself "worthless trash" that doesn't deserve any kindness from others, but at the same time, he desires to be appreciated, loved and understood. He believes he did it because of his hatred towards her and to steal some essence of her power, but it's strongly implied that he, just like the other members, obsessed over her. Will the traitor's identity finally be revealed? The members of the Ultimate Despair were brainwashed and fell madly in love with Junko. No matter how hard a worthless person tries, they can never become worthy. Nagito first comes off as a polite, friendly, and easygoing, yet somewhat insecure boy. Servant hands back her Hacking Gun, promises to give her upgrades later and tells her that she needs to go see the Warriors of Hope. Nagito suggested that Hajime's talent could be Ultimate Serenity because even Hajime's mere presence brought him serenity. 日本語 Megumi Ogataen-US Bryce Papenbrook[3]Deutsch Philip Süß[4] Considering his very bizarre feelings about her, it's possible that he is just fabricating and doesn't know her that well at all. Interestingly, in Danganronpa 2.5, neither Chiaki nor Hajime have counterparts in Nagito's imaginary world. At first, he assumed he was Izuru, but then corrected himself by saying he must be Hajime. Nekomaru and Gundham stay behind to fend them off and the rest continue on to Junko's lair. While talking with Izuru, he became increasingly agitated and conflicted about why he did it. He then becomes increasingly confused about his feelings and thus his motives remain unclear. Even she was confused by his motives at times, not being sure which side he is on. He also reveals his motivation behind the deal—his own will to have Komaru grow through the game and clear it. If you guys have come this far, I'm sure you can discover that answer, too. I don't want to do this to my friends! See more ideas about danganronpa, danganronpa characters, anime. After the class descends the stairway, Mikan eventually catches up with them. Instead, he often acts ignorant during the trials, manipulates the conversation by giving (often unnoticed) hints and then praises the others as if they're the ones who figured it all out. When about to be defeated, Nagito rolled a lucky dice and won the game in an instant. Nagito holds a lot of complicated nuances to his expressions and Rui repeatedly did adjustments while getting inspired by the performance of Nagito's voice actress Megumi Ogata. In Danganronpa Another Episode, he is around 20 year old, while his virtual avatar in the Neo World Program appeared as around 17 year old. Considering some of the supernatural elements seen in the series, it's possible that his unusual birthday might have an impact on his unusual luck. He couldn't read the English labels and trusted his luck, picking the incorrect bottle labeled "Reanimator" meant for Seiko's classmate Ruruka Ando instead of the "Reactivator". She tries to tell him this, but he ignores her, likely not considering her a person since she is seemingly a slow-witted plush toy. Servant answers that they're the same, both disappointed in the ending with neither despair nor hope. They're all completely different compared to a quitter like me. Prior to the chapter 1 trial, Hajime was the closest thing Nagito had to a friend. Nagito and the others find themselves on the tropical Jabberwock Island, not knowing that it's a virtual world and that they've lost their memories. Servant then walks to Toko and gives her "a little help" by pouring pepper on her face. Hajime sent the World Destroyer to erase his mental blocks and right after hearing the alter ego's voice, which is exactly like Hajime's, Nagito had flashbacks and remembered Hajime and his smile (along with Jabberwock Island and his death in the program). He suspected that Mikan was the killer and gathered multiple clues. He also kept laughing when Chisa called him "rotten orange", completely oblivious to the fact that it wasn't a compliment. Toko tells Komaru to escape, admits that she lost on purpose and expresses disgust to being Servant's yes-man. 6. He also states that he doesn't mind getting naked in case Hajime wants to see that. Interestingly, in Super Danganronpa 2.5, the World Destroyer whose personality appears to be heavily based on Izuru is seen smiling lightly while talking to Nagito about hope. Identifying her as "absolute despair", Nagito threatened the Ultimate Fashionista with a gun, explaining his intent to kill her in order to make hope shine even brighter. While attending Hope's Peak Academy, he wears the school's uniform: a brown blazer and matching pants, a red tie and dark brown lace-up shoes. Nagito finally wakes up in the real world and Hajime helped him up, similarly to the way Nagito helped Hajime the first time they met inside the program. This probably means that Nagito's original relationship with Mikan, which was mostly him not paying attention to her, although thinking her talent is amazing, has returned. One Monokuma Kid records and shows him a video of Nagisa removing Komaru's bracelet and helping her to escape the city. ... Mango Pop My PFP as a skin (5) SnowySamaBun. DR3 (Despair) He meets her after she survived a helicopter crash and gives her back the Hacking Gun she lost. 0. And...the moment you're born into this world, you either have that or you don't. While Class 77-B were leaving the island, Mikan took out a vial of a drug and explained that she found someone who used the drug to save themselves from the poison in their bracelet after violating their NG code, so she was able to revive them from a near-death state. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair He mentions that they took him to an amusement park and they went on a family vacation together, but also mentions off the cuff that his mother never complimented his appearance. Manga I was able to discover a truth that nobody else knows. Nagito Komaeda x Reader : L O S I... by Todosmokey 362K 8.6K 28 Old Fanfic, Original publish date was: June, 2nd, 2014 She was the only one who truly cared about him. Let's commit the crime together so despair can become the foundation of hope! In Danganronpa 2, Hajime was the only person Nagito was genuinely interested in and cared for in any meaningful way. In Danganronpa 2, his hair has a slightly warmer, cream tone to it, but in Danganronpa 3 his hair appears silvery-white with grey tones. Ironically, Nagito seems to be the most sane out of the brainwashed ones, as he is more aware of what they're doing and has the aforementioned hatred for Junko. Hiyoko had never eaten yellow gummies, evidenced by the pack of gummies that Nagito found in Hiyoko's cottage. Furthermore, he sometimes has sudden outbursts in which his eyes darken and start to swirl (Hajime describes the look "a crude mix of hope and despair") while he rambles even more enthusiastically, but he usually snaps out of it fairly quickly and seemingly isn't aware of what happened. Servant ignores him and explains that the Monokuma Kids told him there's an intruder in the city. However, for the sake of "game balance", he made the weapon considerably weaker so she can upgrade it later. Your pfp is just lines with the Panta colored so i used purples, reds, and browns based off the little bits of color i can see. He states that "Not being straightforward… it’s like Hinata-kun, right?". Nagito and the other remnants of Despair are found by the Future Foundation. He was diagnosed with lymphoma and frontotemporal dementia and was given a life expectancy of 6 months to a year (though, as it's later revealed, his good luck allowed him to outlive this). The deeper and darker the despair... the brighter and more powerful the hope born from it. Both joined Ultimate Despair for the same reason: to see the ultimate battle between hope and despair. Nagito says he knows hope will win, so he has no problem falling into despair. Nagito prepared the drugs disguised as drinks, which seemed to be the first part of his plan, while the bomb seemed to be plan B if the former failed. But guys will be able to shine because this outcome is full of despair, right!? The reason I'm alive is because I always believe there's matter what. Nagito returned to Hope's Peak during the reserve course students' riot. At this point, Nagito is most likely in comatose, just like most of his classmates. He was looking down on the protagonist, Hajime, who just regained his consciousness after he fainted from shock. He is shown to be polite and friendly with her, and she is extremely happy after learning that she was useful for him. AO3 account: SketchyFace. ...Well, I bet if that really was my reason, at least some of you would feel sorry for me. However, after Monaca was trapped under rubble, he appeared again and rescued her because he was disappointed with the situation's outcome and the neutral ending. Nagito fully regained consciousness around the time when the third murder occurred. With the knowledge he now possessed, Nagito came up with a plan to weed out the traitor among the group, as the traitor would be the only innocent one. For scum like me, it's an unthinkable honor! "Hahahahaha! That's why I can relax, and become despair. Monaca and Kurokuma don't think it's important and keep on watching the video. ", "This is what I believe... As long as the Ultimates work together, there's nothing we can't accomplish... You'll be able to create a hope that can overcome any despair. At the end of Danganronpa 3, after helping Makoto and others, Nagito and his classmates decide to go back and live in Jabberwock island. In a flashback, Nagito, as a member of Ultimate Despair, willingly surrendered himself to the Warriors of Hope as their "Servant", seen at the beginning of the episode. While Nagito tries to be respectful towards the Ultimates, it's quite clear that he dislikes Teruteru. 1. Nagito was named simply just "Servant" because the Warriors of Hope didn't want to give him an identity due to him only being a servant. Realizing that Teruteru has reached the limits of his hope, Nagito stops defending him and the Ultimate Cook is executed. Nagito then admits he was simply testing them and that he wanted to see if they were all willing to be stepping stones for hope. He meets with Hajime and Chiaki, but an angry Hajime tells both him and Monomi to go away. In Danganronpa 2, during his Free Time Events, he suggests Hajime's unknown talent could be "tsuntsun hair", referring to both his aloof personality and spiky hair. Hope is a positive force... Everything created by it is an absolute good! When the Ultimate Imposter suggests throwing a party, Nagito sets up a lot to determine the party duties, and through his "Ultimate Luck", ends up being the one assigned to clean the old lodge. Two days later, she wakes up in a prison-like cell. But what I feel is not so self-serving. "I didn't know she drew portraits for the guys... For a princess, "Which is the true hope...? Yep, I'm really lucky! In the beginning of the school trip, he protects the girls from him and tells him to stop when he is acting perverted, appearing annoyed and uncomfortable. I can go to, "Ahaha, looks like I'm disliked... Oh well, it's understandable. Though sometimes annoyed by Nagito, Hajime also felt more relaxed around him. This may seem like breaking the fourth wall, but it actually refers to the Demon Hunting, which according to the Servant is also a game to incite Komaru's growth. ", "Of course not! This is confirmed in the official drama CD, in which Nagito tells Hajime: "I'll continue to do anything in my power to assist you. When forced to watch Chiaki be executed by Junko, Nagito had quite a rare reaction as he cried over her death and thought it was horrible. ", "Meaningless... What other word is brimming with so much despair? During Akane and Nekomaru Nidai's deadly training session in the class, Nagito sat at his desk and happily watched their fight. He is requested by Monaca to guide Komaru through their Demon's Hunting game and bring her to their secret stronghold, a building called Towa Hills. He tries to be polite, but he can be overly harsh and insensitive, often without realizing it. He then goes to play Twilight Syndrome Murder Case to find clues. Talent Gundham appears strange even for Nagito, as even he is confused by the other's eccentric behavior. ", "I wonder where your thought process wandered off to... As usual, you guys just keep running around in circles... What are you, hamsters? Using Byakuya as a hostage, he also makes Toko and Genocide Jack guide her towards the right direction. Nagito's excellent cleaning job compared to what others in the class would have achieved shows his skills as a cleaner being above the rest. nagito komaeda sdr2 danganronpa you see this guy and the way he acts and youre excited for the hyper specific backstory thats gonna explain why he acts That way but it just never comes they never explain imagine youre born.and the first thing you think is yeah id like to be a stepping stone for hope today thank you very much love him ", "Like I said, I'm not on the killer's side... That hasn't changed since this began. When he was only an elementary school student, Nagito and his parents went on a family vacation at San Cristóbal Island in the Galápagos archipelago. He has also seen very unlikely and strange things due to his luck, which is why he is not easily surprised. Anime There's no way you guys can even comprehend my suffering... Knowing the truth...can be pretty painful in its own way. I don't care if the killer survives, or if everyone but the killer survives. I am truly in love with the hope that sleeps inside you.\" This is a partial mistranslation of the original Japanese line, \"どうか忘れないで… ボクはキミを…キミの中に眠る希望を心から愛していると。\" A closer translation would be \"Please don’t forget that I love y-… The hope sleeping inside you… from the bottom o… There's no way that's healthy behavior...", "Let's stop this already! Nagito cut off his left hand and attached hers in its' place. He and Nekomaru are the ones who tie up Nagito and Kazuichi is the one who punches him unconscious. It's revealed that the Servant changed his mind and decided to stay in the city for a while longer and see everything through to the end. After Nagito caught the Despair Disease, Mikan took care of him along with the others. Chisa found Nagito and spoke with him alone about what happened. During Chapter 1's additional dialogue, Nagito explains that he says dubious things without meaning to and that he realizes this, but can't stop it from happening. Height #danganronpa #danganronpa 2 #nagito komaeda #hajime hinata #komahina #nagito x hajime #sdr2 nagito #izuru kamakura #future foundation #future foundation Nagito #spoilers More you might like. When Nagito called himself trash once again, Chisa slapped him and then gently took his head between her hands, telling him that he's not trash, but her precious student who is going to graduate with everyone else. After the sprinklers kicked in and extinguished the flames, the group discovered Nagito's horribly tortured body. Subsequently, the judges ended up eating Ruruka's pastries laced with laxative, and Seiko accidentally switched on the bomb along with Ruruka. Nagito set off an explosion in the hotel lobby, then threatened to blow up the rest of the island with bombs that he planted unless the traitor reveals themselves. Hiyoko Saionji makes fun of him and considers his dramatic pep talks about hope and friendship embarrassing and tiresome. The sleeve of his coat has been ripped where the new arm is, most of the jagged material still attached. Nagito admits that he's a bit disappointed that nothing big happened to make hope stronger, but Chiaki thinks it's a good thing and that everyone can spend time together happily in the future. As a child, Nagito was very close with the family's pet dog and he was deeply saddened by his death. ", "So this is going to be your last chance, traitor... What are you going to do? The beginning of the end of, "Haaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! ceotrix. While his emotional skills are lacking, Nagito is one of the most intelligent characters of the second game. Romaji ", "Well, I'd never reject an invitation to something that'd make everyone's hope shine! Because of this, and the murders she committed for the sake of despair, Nagito lost all respect for her and considered her an enemy, worthy of the name "Ultimate Despair". When Nagisa scolds him, Servant turns intimidating towards him for the first time and claims that the Warriors of Hope care more about the game than their paradise and Nagisa knows this, but didn't do anything about it because of Monaca. Nagito agreed with it, saying that the class and it's light will never end as long as Chiaki was their rep. At the beginning of the episode, Nagito and his classmates walked past Hajime heading toward the Main Course building. Nagito meets with Hajime and Chiaki again, after they finish investigating Mahiru's cottage. Nagito Komaeda. He looks up, the swirling in his eyes gone, but that sly smile was still there. He and the rest of his class were shown to have escaped Jabberwock Island and went to the Future Foundation branch where the Final Killing Game was held. He also doesn't understand why the others are paranoid, angry and afraid of him. At times he can also be more forceful; he is quick to scold Hajime when he's being too pessimistic or when he thought he was bullying Mikan Tsumiki. The prosthetic is white on the outer side and black on the underside. Unfortunately, the exam couldn't be canceled as Nagito wished, but he had already prepared his own plan. I'm just an obsessed fanboy so it's all right that this love of mine is unrequited. The class murmur in confusion when they discover an empty trial room, and beginning to come to consciousness, Nagito warns them that it is a trap. A bit later, Nagito accidentally bumped into Seiko who was hurrying towards the gym. He reveals that he has a partner, but refuses to tell more about it since he's already "dropped out of the game". Nagito has also more or less jokingly compared Hajime to a tsundere character more than once due to his occasionally annoyed mood in his company. ", "Why was I so particular about choosing you? Nagito thought that they got along quite well and looked forward to meeting Izuru again, despite appearing slightly hurt by his coldness. ", "I yearn for a powerful hope that can overcome any despair! In the magazine's interview, Nagito is asked what autumn food reminds him of Hajime. I don't want to die either...". They can't defeat symbols of hope like you guys! That is why I feel no remorse becoming despair myself. I actually think I'm very lucky. When Nagito talks about his parents' deaths to Hajime, he is disturbingly optimistic and believes it was good luck since he inherited all of their fortune and became free to do whatever he wished. ", "We're all done for! Servant and Monaca become suspicious of Nagisa's loyalty and he spies on him with the help of Monokuma Kids. His relationship with his parents is unclear; he mentions that they took him to an amusement park, but he also mentions offhand that his mother never complimented his appearance. It's a pleasure to meet you! To further Monaca's goal as well as his own, the Servant assists Komaru in order to make her develop into a hero (with him wanting her to become a symbol of hope, while Monaca wants her to fall into despair).